Entertainment Industry Props

As entertainment companies are producing quality dramas all around the globe, property management departments are striving to maintain authenticity at more escalating costs. Dramas that are targeted to both domestic and international markets highlight the need for authentic-looking document props. In particular, Korean, Asian, and Latin American productions are routinely marketed toward the United States and other English-speaking countries.

Need for Authenticity
While domestic audiences may have more tolerance for interpretations of foreign documents, international audiences appreciate the details that come with authentic-looking document props. Here are some examples:
In addition, different English language styles (including spelling, grammar, and word usage), legal terms, and may be used depending upon country or region relevent to the document prop. For instance, England uses different English terms and spellings than America. ZapDoc can accurately portray any English document, using relevent terminology pertinent to the scene.
Quick Turnaround Time
With some drama productions literally being shot and aired on the same day, timeliness with props is key. That is why ZapDoc's Entertainment Prop documents are available on immediate turnaround. With literally thousands of existing stock of standard English language forms, it becomes a simple matter to provide authentic-looking documents with your character's name (romanticized Western and/or native script) and other information. We can even work over the phone for extremely time-sensitive props.
Maintain Real-World Privacy
Many productions inadverdently include real-world information in otherwise fictional plot devices, potentially exposing people to unwanted attention. ZapDoc will check every address, telephone, email, and other potential breach of privacy risks, and ensure your director's specific approval for any potential concern. In addition, we work with your director or his/her assistants to ensure plot continuity is not broken, ensuring your production retains its high standard of quality and authenticity.
Series Contracts Available
ZapDoc Entertainment Document services can price accordingly to your needs. From single documents to full-season English-language compatibility assistance, ZapDoc will ensure that your entertainment production is, literally, "world class!"