Microsoft Office© Services

Microsoft Office is a comprehensive investment for most businesses. Its office components allow for a rich diversity of information processing options. Yet, most businesses do not utilize the programming options available in Office.

Businesses typically use Office for basic office tasks, such as creating letter documents, spreadsheet analyses, and light database processes. But when they need specialty programming performed, they hire outside vendors to create stand-alone applications that tend to cost tens of thousands of dollars, buy expensive specialty programs to augment their current operating procedures, or hire expensive in-hours programmers, which hurt the bottom line.

ZapDoc's Programming Edge

ZapDoc Digital Services recognizes that most businesses have to increase their in-house productivity, but can't readily afford the three typical options above. ZapDoc meets the challenge by ensuring the following:

Featured Office Services

Integrated Office Automation

Microsoft Office provides a robust, scalable application called Access that can effectively hold your data for most office's needs. While applications such as Oracle, SQL, and SunOS create security-intensive database warehouses with the ability to store terabytes of data, the bottom line is that Microsoft Access can be designed to effectively house over 95% of most business' data.

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Individual Office Apps
Microsoft Access provides the most cost effective database environment on the market today.
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Microsoft Excel is one of the most versatile applications available for spreadsheet data analysis.
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Microsost Word can be developed into a powerful document delivery system beyond simple word processing.
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Microsoft Powerpoint is a comprehensive presentation system that can incorporate many features.
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