Digital Prototyping Services

Virtually any project one can think of can be done on a computer, even a mobile device. While ZapDoc concentrates its programmimg expertise on Microsoft Office and office automation technologies, a prototype can combine speed and presentation value that will allow stakeholders to quickly make a decision on moving forward with any digital development.

Step by Step Processing
ZapDoc will intertiew your staff to determine what roles associates will play in the new implementation. Computer and device screens will be created to simulate the new process, while relevant technologies can be researched to see which one would be the best fit. Prototyping shortens the process in determining the technology, preventing purchasing associates to avoid paying for systems that will not enance the new process.
Fair and Unbiased Recommendations
ZapDoc, of course, does not endorse any specific technology for any purpose. We do not own or have a fiduciary interest in any software we recommend or work with. This way, you know that when we recommend a system process, you can rely that the technology involved will be the most applicable to your situation at the lowest possible cost.
Work Closely with Your Associates
Your associates play a key factor in the implementation of the project. While management and planning departments have the final decision making authority, a major factor is in how your associates will be able to understand and execute the process. Our own team will ensure that every associate, from the highest ranking decisionmaker to the floor-level associate, will have ample input into the design of the workflow process.