Microsoft Access Development

Despite the hoopla surrounding expensive database systems such as Oracle and SQL server, Microsoft Access provides the most cost effective database environment on the market today. Most businesses do not need the expensive, hard-to-maintain database applications for their normal business operations. In addition, Access is the foundation of a complete, small business automation system.

Robust, Scalable Application
Microsoft Office provides a robust, scalable application called Access that can effectively hold your data for most office's needs. While applications such as Oracle, SQL, and SunOS create security-intensive database warehouses with the ability to store terabytes of data, the bottom line is that Microsoft Access can be designed to effectively house over 95% of most business' data.
ISO 9002 Coding Standards
ZapDoc's strict coding protocols unparalleled in the programming environment ensures coding is consistent from application to application, allowing for easier portability in the future. Database naming conventions are consistent with ISO 9002 standards, allowing easy future conversion of your database into another platform if you desire to change.

In addition, ZapDoc has developed standards that efficiently processes your data through a variety of formats. Access forms, stand-alone queries, and web-based data extraction applications are designed with your office procedures in mind.
Security for Local and Cloud-based Data Storage
Its built in security system can easily be instituted to protect your data from unwanted intrusion. Microsoft Access is particularly efficient for small business needs, using legacy network front-end / back-end methologies that will allow you to tailor the control the flow and processing of data within your departments. In addition, Microsoft Sharepoint is used to house data in the Cloud, so associates with mobile devices and computers can process data from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
Seamlessly Interacts with Excel and Word
ZapDoc also specializes in transferring data from Excel spreadsheets to Access tables. Excel spreadsheet analysis is excellent in its own right, but it is a poor choice to house data. Access database storage allows the data to be queried and accessed in ways that ensure data security and integrity. In addition, Microsoft Word documents can be automated with the data in your system, saving countless hours of creating documents "by hand."
Work Closely with Your Associates
Any application is only as good as the ease in which your associates interact with the program. To that end, our team works closely with your associates to create the most efficient Access application that can help your company maximize its potential. Once the application is finished, clear, concise documentation is provided so you can clearly instruct new associates in its operation when it is needed.